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Developing new shapes and flavours for our ranges involves a lot of cooking as each product is carefully tested for taste, texture and performance. Our development chefs have created a number of delicious recipes which we have tried and tested and pass on to you here with confidence.

Shortcrust with Raspberries and Vanilla Custard

Joconde with Raspberry Jam

Savourine with Exotic Fruit

Sailor-Style Mussel Shells

Spicy Cup Mexican Chili with Guacamole

Zakouski with Vol Au Vent

Éclair with Raspberry Curd

Shortcrust with Passion Fruit Bavarois and Mango

Shortcrust with Crème Chiboust and Kiwi

Shortcrust with Pistache Cream and Raspberries

Shortcrust with Madagascar Vanilla Custard and Pineapple

Trendy Tartlet with Cuberdon Cream and Raspberries

Trendy Rectangle with mascarpone cream, apple, cinnamon and Calvados

Mini Trendy Shell with Chocolate Ganache and Mint

Trendy Rectangle with White Chocolate Mousse and Yuzu

Vegan Cup with Beetroot Mousse

Trendy Chocolate Tartlet with Raspberry Mousse

Trendy Chocolate with Dark Chocolate and Passion Fruit Ganache

Trendy Pecan Tartlet

Quiche Margherita

Puff Pastry Quiche with Mediterranean Vegetables

Puff Pastry with Pastry Cream, Baked Apples and Biscoff

Puff Pastry Tartlet Trio Dessert

Puff Pastry Shell with Scallops, Chicory and Parsnip

Mini Trendy Tartlet with Marinated Scallops, Cream of Cauliflower and Caviar

Trendy Shell with Tataki of Scallops

Quiche with Mango Chutney & Pan-Fried Goose Liver

Quiche with Smoked Salmon

Quiche with Seasonal Vegetables and Duck Breast Fillet

Trendy Rectangle with Figs and Pistachio Cream

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