Trendy Rectangle with mascarpone and raspberry cream


Piping bag

Ingredients (8 Trendys Rectangle):

• 8 Trendy Rectangles
• 250 grams mascarpone cheese
• 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
• 250 ml of whipped cream (minimum of 35% fat)
• 240 grams of butter
• 130 grams of icing sugar
• 2 handful of frozen raspberries
• Deco: Red fruits and decorations of choice.


Mascarpone cream: 

Stir the mascarpone cheese in a bowl with the 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar until it is nice and creamy.
Whip the cream until it is stiff and add a bit of icing sugar. 
Add the mascarpone mix to the whipped cream and mixed it gently.  
Keep the mix in your fridge for a few hours and fill your Trendy Rectangles.

Raspberry cream:

Cook the raspberries for about 15-20 minutes until they become a puree.
Whip the butter until it is soft and creamy.
Add the raspberry puree and icing sugar to the butter. 
Fill the piping bag with the cream and start decorating your Trendy Shells!

Decoration: Decorate the rectangles to your liking.