In the well-known pastry shop “Dehaeck” in Ieper back in the 50's, André Dehaeck, founder of the company, created a unique recipe for puff pastry.
Over time the products became so popular, that they were sold far beyond the borders of Belgium.

André Dehaeck realized the potential of his creations and launched the first industrial site in 1967, in order to satisfy the growing demand.
This is how PIDY was born.

Pidy grew constantly through further developments of new puff pastry products, sweet short crust tarts, foncage tartlets, neutral short crust products, choux pastry and croustade cups.
Pidy is now the worldwide leader in the production of puff pastry products, of which the “Vol au Vents” are the best.

In the Belgian “State of the Art” production site, all the puff pastry products are manufactured.  In the French Halluin site, all the pressed puff pastry tartlets, sweet short crust tarts, choux pastry, cream horns and ready to fill cups are produced.
The PIDY site in Inwood, USA, produces specific products for the domestic US market: Tart shells in neutral and sweet dough. Also chocolate, whole wheat, sugar free and clean products are made there. (Clean = 100% natural ingredients).
The whole Pidy assortment is distributed to 7 different market segments: Industry, Cash & Carry, Foodservice, Horeca/Catering, Bakeries/Pastry shops, Butchers/Caterers and Retail.

There are 5 different sales organization, each responsible for their own market:


Pidy exports in more than 50 countries.

Following figures give an idea what Pidy represents:
Total surface (in m²): 30.165

  • Of which Production: 11.891
  • Of which Logistic: 16.131
  • Of which offices 2.143

Per year:

  • 2500 tons butter and vegetable shortening
  • 150 million puff pastry cases
  • 270 million products “ready to fill”
Jérôme Haussoullier
C.E.O. Pidy Group.